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Why is Jibio Different?

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding recruiters that understand technology is difficult. How are you supporting recruiters?

We believe it is important for technical recruiters to ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND technology. Unlike most staffing agencies we have an in-house training and development program along with tech mentorship empowering our recruiters to dig deep, connect the dots and even learn how to code!

Do you offer staff augmentation services?

We do make exceptions. If you require this service, please get in touch.

What area of recruitment would you say you are an expert in?

We are founded by tech professionals who have a long history working in the Microsoft ecosystem. We also focus on the tech start up worldbuilding the right teams for the right products at the right time.

How do you find and hire the right recruiter to work for Jibio?

Our internal recruitment process focuses on finding recruiters that have a passion for technology, believe in recruiting being a Human business, and do not spam candidates with jobs that do not match their skillset.

Why was Jibio founded by tech professionals?

Over the years we have had many recruiters reach out to us for the wrong roles that did not match our skillset. We noticed a lack of technical understanding among recruiters when teaching them how to do technical recruiting. This is why we decided to create Jibio.