Our Services

Finding awesome talent is challenging. We Get It!

We’ve helped some of the best technology companies navigate their growth without jeopardizing their brand, wasting their time or having hidden fees, terms and conditions.
Our Services

Hourly In-house Recruitment

Add a recruiter to your team on-demand. Let our recruiters support your business.

Add a recruiter to your team on-demand

Flexibility – Boost your hiring by onboarding a recruiter on demand to join your internal team.
Customizable Plan – Our recruiters can jump in anytime during your recruiting process from sourcing through recruiting, you decide.
Cost savings – The most cost-effective tactic during high-growth hiring
Full Disclosure – Track your on-demand recruiter by reviewing weekly productivity and candidate-quality metrics
Jibio can help you with contractual hiring offering higher wage potential, remote or hybrid solutions, with flexible schedules and work hours.

Contractual Recruitment

Drive your business by adding a short or long-term consultant to your team.

Hire to support your team and eliminate time and resources

Flexibility – Assignments are flexible – choose to hire a contractor for any period of time
Backend Support – We make it easy for you and save you time, money and productivity
Cost-Effective – no tax cost of payroll, workers comp, provincial/state & federaltaxes, or paying for ‘bench’ time

This option will allow you to achieve hiring during peak periods, increase staff without increasing headcount, and eliminate time and resources spent in HR & Administrative work. You can terminate (with notice) at any time.

Jibio can help with permanent placements offering PTO, vacation & sick leave, benefits, job security and a strong culture.

Permanent Placement

Our global network helps us match your business needs with the right technical skills and cultural fit.

We find the best talent – even if you are not looking

We conduct confidential searches – advertising for sensitive seniorlevel opening can create anxiety among employees or alert competitors to acurrent weakness
Dedicated recruiter – nobody knows the employment marketplace better than a technical Jibio recruiter
Flexible Pricing – Our recruiter is better able to blend the needs and wants of both parties to arrive at a mutually beneficial arrangement.